A World Menstrual Hygiene Day Message from Hey Sister! - Hey Sister!

A World Menstrual Hygiene Day Message from Hey Sister!

Hey Sister! On World Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28th), we're celebrating periods, ditching the shame, and empowering YOU to own your cycle and your life.

Why Menstrual Hygiene Matters

Menstrual hygiene is about more than just using clean products and accessing sanitation. It's about education, empowerment, and embracing your body's natural rhythm. Unfortunately, far too many people still face barriers to managing their periods safely and comfortably.

Let's Break the Silence (and Ditch the Word "Hygiene")

One of our awesome team members, Rick, recently sparked a thought-provoking conversation about the word "hygiene." He pointed out that it might inadvertently imply that periods are dirty, which couldn't be further from the truth! So, let's ditch that word and focus on celebrating menstruation as the healthy, normal process it is.

Education: Your Period Power Tool

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your cycle. Hey Sister! is here to provide accurate, empowering information that helps you understand your body and make informed choices about your menstrual health.

Hey Sister!: Your Partner in Period Positivity

We're not just about natural period pain relief with our incredible Khapregesic® formula. We're a community of sisters supporting sisters. We're here to help you manage your period pain, embrace your cycle, and live life to the fullest.

Join the Menstrual Movement

World Menstrual Hygiene Day is our collective chance to raise our voices, break down barriers, and champion menstrual equity for all. Let's normalise periods, ditch the shame, and empower menstruators everywhere.

How You Can Make a Difference

  • Start the conversation: Talk openly about periods with friends, family, and your community.
  • Support menstrual health initiatives: Donate to organisations that provide menstrual products and education.
  • Educate yourself and others: Learn about menstruation and share your knowledge.

Ready to own your cycle and your life? Join the Hey Sister! community today. Explore our natural period pain relief solutions, access our educational resources, and connect with a supportive community of sisters.

Let's celebrate World Menstrual Hygiene Day together and make periods a source of pride, not shame.

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