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Hey Sister! practitioner event: Khaya senegalensis

Join us for an exclusive evening hosted by Jade Walker, dedicated to exploring the groundbreaking science and clinical applications of Khaya senegalensis, a revolutionary botanical rediscovery transforming menstrual and menopausal wellness.

What you'll learn:

  • The rich history: Learn about the traditional uses of Khaya senegalensis, spanning over a millennium of documented therapeutic applications.
  • The science: Understand the research supporting Khaya's potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, prebiotic, analgesic, and depurative properties.
  • Clinical applications: Discover how Hey Sister! harnesses the power of whole-bark Khaya senegalensis to provide rapid, effective relief for dysmenorrhoea, endometriosis, adenomyosis, and menopausal symptoms.
  • Prescribing insights: Gain practical guidance on integrating Hey Sister! into your practice, including dosing strategies, combination therapies, and patient education resources.
  • The future of health: A new era where natural, effective solutions are accessible and no longer hold them back from living their daily lives.

Why attend?

With 50.7% of the population being female or assigned female at birth (AFAB), being able to support them during their menstrual health, perimenopause, and menopause with a product that is safe and works will be integral to your clinic. Hey Sister! offers a unique opportunity to expand your therapeutic toolkit and enhance patient outcomes. By incorporating this scientifically-backed, sustainable herbal medicine into your practice, you can more effectively address the root causes of menstrual and menopausal discomfort, improve patient satisfaction, and differentiate your clinic as a leader in women’s and AFAB’s health.

Don't miss this opportunity to grow your practice and transform the lives of your female patients.

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What is Hey Sister!?

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COX 2 inhibitor!

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Anxiety and PMS!


Hey Sister! Menopause

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No contraindications

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I was skeptical but hopeful and surprisingly after just a day I felt this working! My pain is random and can happen anytime but lately almost daily, so this is a great solution for me. I will continue to use this and recommend to my other endo warrior friends

Rachel A.


Hey Sister! Period - Professional Tech Sheet

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Hey Sister! Menopause - Professional Tech Sheet

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Hey Sister! Pharmacy Stand

Counter Display

Hey Sister! has created a very eye catching stand to not only attract the eye but to assist with informing the sales person at the point of sale.

Back of Counter Display

Hey Sister! has created POS handy hints and education resources to assist staff with answering your customers questions.

Hey Sister! Pharmacy Shelf Stand

Shelf Display

With an easy-to-remove heading slide. Hey Sister! has created a multifunctional display stand that can either be on the countertop or in shelf unit. 


Hey Sister! has some vibrant wobblers that highlight the fact that it is all natural, plant-based relief.

Hey Sister! period poster


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Hey Sister! menopause poster


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How to guides

Setting Up Display Boxes

This video explains how to set up the external part of the display stand

Setting Up Display StairCase

This video explains how to set up the internal section of the stand.

Frequent ASKED Questions

How do I take Hey Sister!


Breastfeeding or trying to conceive?

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What age can I start taking Hey Sister!?


Are COX 2 Inhibitor Better than painkillers

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Is it sedating or energising?

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Patient's Reactions to Hey Sister!

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How Does it compare to NSAIDS

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What herb is best for pain relief?

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How Does it help with PMDD?

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Neurotransmitter production

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How it imporoves gut function

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Does it interact with other medications?

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Libido in Peri & Menopause

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Relief for Post Menopause Arthritis

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Can Men Take Hey Sister!?

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