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Natural, Effective Relief for Period Pains, Cramps and Discomfort

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  • Ingredients tested and cited in 128+ scientific studies
  • 100% natural, dosed for potency and effectiveness
  • Small vegan tablets that are easy to swallow
  • 30-day money-back guarantee with every order
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Relieves intense period pains, cramps and bloating

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Effective alternative to NSAIDs & OTC painkillers

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Safe to use, even when taking other medications

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Uses a single, natural ingredient

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Effective alternative to OTC painkillers

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Safe to use even when taking other medications

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Reduces period pains and cramps

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Minimizes period bloating

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Reduces PMS symptoms

Real women, real results

"My period cycle has been completely transformed!"

- Olivia C. (Verified Customer)

"The pain was not as bad as it usually would be"

- Bec C. (Verified Customer)

"I had such ease around my recent period"

- Chelsea (Verified Customer)

Our customers can't stop raving about their life changing experiences!



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"I have my life back - I can get on with my day as if its a normal every day even with my period. I am amazed and so grateful. thank you Hey Sister."

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Noah B.

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"Helps stabilise my mood nearly as much as anti-anxiety meds and reduces my cramping so much that I don't need any other painkillers despite my endo"

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Rachel A.

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"I was skeptical but hopeful and surprisingly after just a day I felt this working! My pain is random and can happen anytime but lately almost daily, so this is a great solution for me."

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Che D.

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"At first, the price made me hesitant. But those awful period days cost me in lost work and ruined plans. Hey Sister! is an investment in me and my health and well-being"

For women who need real relief

Finally say goodbye to synthetic painkillers and hello to the first natural pain releiver specifically designed for your period.

Meet Khaya Senegalensis

Grown in the pristine tropical north of Australia, Khaya Senegalensis has been used in European and African traditional medicine for centuries. The tree’s bark contains unique anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it an excellent choice for calming the discomfort associated with periods and menopause.

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It's time for your period to take a back seat.

Did you know that OTC painkillers can actually be detrimental to your health? Remedies like ibuprofen and Paracetomol can actually damage your liver if taken too frequently and for long periods of time..

Quit choosing between your health and pain relief!

We've dedicated over 10 years of research and development to create a new way for women to be able to manage their period pain without compromise. Our 100% natural formulation is not only effective against menstruation symptoms like PMS, cramps and bloating, but it comes without nasty side effects and is suitable for routine use.


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