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Introducing Jade Walker, Our Director of Health and Wellness

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Hey Sister! proudly announces the appointment of Jade Walker as our Director of Health and Wellness. 

Jade's arrival marks a significant chapter in our story, where personal triumphs and professional excellence created an organic journey to Hey Sister! 

From grappling with endometriosis to becoming a leader in holistic health, embodies what we stand for—a relentless pursuit of solutions that genuinely make a difference.

A Mission for Wellness

Jade's relationship with Hey Sister! started with her search for solutions. As someone who has battled endometriosis, she understands the deep-seated need for products that do more than promise relief—they must deliver. This quest led her to naturopathy, where she honed her skills and knowledge, earning a Bachelor of Health Science and specialising in endometriosis and reproductive disorders.

Over seven years, Jade saw hundreds of sufferers seeking to regulate their periods, reduce pain, and navigate the complexities of fertility and diagnosis. Her dedication transcends clinical practice, extending to podcasts, Instagram, online courses, and mentorship, culminating in the revolutionary Endo Care Collective.

Well-Respected Industry Expert

Jade's expertise and personal journey have made her a recognised authority in the field. Contributing to Bridget Hustwaite's "How to Endo" and advising on the groundbreaking app "Matilda" are just a few highlights of her commitment to elevating the conversation around reproductive health.

Her insights have graced multiple platforms, advocating for the profound impact of herbal remedies and integrated approaches in a space often clouded by despair. Jade's personal experiences with IVF and assisting couples in their conception journeys further underscore her comprehensive understanding of reproductive health.

Changing the Narrative

As the Director of Health and Wellness at Hey Sister! Jade's vision is crystal clear: revolutionising access to effective pain relief and reshaping our understanding of menstrual health. It's not just about offering a superior product; it's about changing the narrative surrounding periods, ensuring that future generations are armed with the knowledge many today wish they had received.

Under Jade's guidance, Hey Sister! will open up the conversation, from demystifying the menstrual cycle to dietary tips that alleviate symptoms and advocating for proactive health conversations with professionals.

Individuality, Inclusivity and Accessibility

Jade believes in a healthcare approach that addresses the root cause of issues, treating each individual's unique needs rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all methodology. This philosophy aligns with her mission to establish Hey Sister! as the ultimate resource for period education, moving beyond the simplistic solution of "taking another pill."

Accessibility and affordability are at the core of Jade's values. She desires to make naturopathic and herbal solutions available to all, challenging the notion that quality health care shouldn't come with an expensive price tag.

The appointment of Jade Walker starts an exciting new chapter for Hey Sister! a movement towards a healthier, more informed future. 

Hey Sister! team

Stay connected with Jade and her journey at Hey Sister! through her email, Jade@heysister.com, and follow her insights on Instagram @jadewalkerhealth & @heysister.official 

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