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How oestrogen overload could be causing your hormonal struggles and how to fix it ASAP

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Ever feel like your hormones have a mind of their own? Mood swings, bloating, cramps, or even more serious stuff like endometriosis – sometimes, it feels like our bodies are rebelling. Turns out, oestrogen could be the sneaky culprit. Let's break down what's happening, why your liver (yes, your liver!) is a superhero, and how to get back on track naturally.

Oestrogen: friend or frenemy?

Oestrogen is vital, but too much throws everything off – think of it like the friend who's always late and kinda dramatic. Without enough progesterone to chill it out, Oestrogen can cause a whole lotta trouble. Our liver and gut (especially something called the "estrobolome") are in charge of keeping estrogen in check, and when they're not working right, things go haywire.

Liver to the rescue!

Your liver is like the ultimate filter, breaking down excess oestrogen so it doesn't build up and start drama. We need to give this awesome organ some TLC for happy hormones.

Hello oestrobolome: your gut bacteria BFFs

Get this – your gut bacteria play a HUGE role in how much oestrogen your body hangs onto! A healthy "eostrobolome" helps get rid of extra estrogen, but if your gut's out of whack, it can make things worse. Let's get those gut bugs on your side.

How to tame that oestrogen drama

It's all about balance! Let's support your liver, fix your gut, and send excess oestrogen packing:

  • Liver Love: Load up on detox helpers (think cruciferous veggies, sprouts, herbs and dark leafy greens).
  • Gut goodness: Fiber is your friend (hello fruits, veggies, whole grains), and give your good bacteria some backup with probiotics.
  • Power supplements: Broccoli sprouts and calcium-D-glucarate serve as a supercharged nutrients for clearing excess oestrogen.
Harmonise with healthy progesterone

When progesterone is low, oestrogen has a field day. So make sure you’re also taking measures to give your progesterone some love too. 

The Hey Sister! has your back

We believe in ditching the hormone struggle and feeling our best. We've got your back with science-based info, natural solutions, and a whole community cheering you on. Ready to level up your hormone health?

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