Menstrual Period Cycle

Embracing the Power of the Menstrual Cycle: A New Perspective

Discover how embracing and understanding your menstrual cycle can empower your life. Join us at Hey Sister! in normalising period conversations and leveraging your natural rhythms for wellness.

We are listening to Lucy Peach's podcast "Period Queen" and felt compelled to share her insights and wisdom. 

Rethinking Menstruation

Menstruation has long been a taboo subject, shrouded in mystery and often viewed negatively. At Hey Sister! we're on a mission to change that. Your menstrual cycle is not just a biological process but a powerful tool that can empower your life in remarkable ways.

The Untapped Resource of the Menstrual Cycle

For too long, the menstrual cycle has been seen solely as a challenge to be managed. Lucy Peach, an advocate who calls herself a 'period preacher', champions a fundamental shift in perspective. She argues that by understanding the effects of our menstrual hormones, we can harness them to our advantage. The menstrual cycle is a rhythm of nature, and like all natural cycles, it has its ebbs and flows that can be powerful if we learn to work with them, not against them.

Understanding the Four Phases of Your Cycle

Each phase of your menstrual cycle - "dream," "do," "give," and "take" - corresponds to different hormonal states and energy levels.

  1. Dream (Menstruation): When your period starts, it's a time for introspection. It's a phase to dream, plan, and set intentions for the coming month.
  2. Do (Follicular Phase): As estrogen levels rise, you'll likely feel a surge in energy. This is the time to take action, tackle big projects, and be productive.
  3. Give (Ovulatory Phase): When progesterone takes the lead, it's a period of nurturing and giving, ideal for connecting with others.
  4. Take (Luteal Phase): The premenstrual phase is a time to focus on self-care, set boundaries, and channel your creative energies.

Transforming Your Life with Menstrual Awareness

Lucy Peach's approach, grounded in personal experience and science, shows how menstrual awareness can transform our lives. We can maximise our productivity, creativity, and emotional well-being by aligning our activities with our cycle. It's about listening to our bodies and honouring our natural rhythms.

The Science Behind the Cycle

The menstrual cycle isn't just folklore; it's backed by science. Teams like the U.S National Women's Soccer Team have used menstrual tracking to optimise training and performance. Understanding the science behind our cycle can demystify many of the myths surrounding menstruation and help us make informed decisions about our health and lifestyle.

Inclusive Conversations: Bringing Everyone into the Discussion

Normalising conversations around periods isn't just a women's issue; it's a societal one. Inclusivity in these discussions means better understanding, support, and health outcomes for everyone. At Hey Sister!, we encourage open dialogues about menstruation, breaking down barriers and building a supportive community.

At Hey Sister!, we believe that your menstrual cycle is a superpower. By embracing it, you open up a world of potential. It's time to change the conversation around periods and start celebrating this natural, powerful aspect of our lives.

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